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Managing your Crop in a Shortened Growing Season

young corn sprouts growing in the soil

As we progress through the month of May, rainfall across much of the Corn Belt has slowed planting progression, putting pressure on all of us to not only get the crop in timely, but under some challenging conditions. As the threat of weather delays pushes planting closer to the end of May, this calls into […]

Solve for N – Managing Nitrogen and Sulfur for Highest ROI

A few weeks ago, we talked about managing nitrogen and sulfur at planting and how, using the lens of environment first, we structured our starter trials to manipulate the plant’s rate of growth in the first 35-40 days of the growing season. While the idea of increased nitrogen and sulfur at planting is not a […]

Getting the Growing Season Off to a Good Start

What is the goal of starter fertilizer? Many in the industry will say it is simply to provide extra nutrition and get our crop “off to a good start.” But, can we get more specific in our goal for what that starter pass is intended to do? Instead of focusing on “getting off to a […]

Unlock Higher Crop Yields and ROI with Better Soil Sampling

The precision agriculture industry hasn’t done a great job articulating the value of site-specific soil testing, which has led to frustration from farmers, who aren’t sure how to use what they learn from the tests. “Soil testing methods haven’t changed in 20 years,” says Kent Klingbeil, a lead agronomist at Advanced Agrilytics. “No one has explained […]

Corn and Soy Grower Boosts Production with Advanced Agrilytics

When Kyle Mehmen made some personnel changes a couple of years ago at MBS Family Farms, based near Plainfield, Iowa, he started shopping around for farm consulting services. A fifth-generation farmer who primarily grows corn and soybeans, he knew he wanted more than typical farm consulting. From his time working as a sales rep for […]

Six Planning Tips to Increase Corn Yield

Achieving high corn yields begins with a plan that sets you up for success. The better the strategy, the better your odds of maximizing productivity. So, what constitutes a good plan? “Think through all of the factors that need to be in the plan,” says Dan Emmert, a lead agronomist at Advanced Agrilytics. “And be […]

Four Keys to Unlocking Yield Potential with Better Nitrogen Management

As growers, we can often find ourselves sharing how much — or lamenting about how little — organic matter we have based on our soil testing reports. While the importance of organic matter is generally understood, we continue to struggle as an industry to put that knowledge into action. “We get an organic material estimation […]

When Mother Nature Calls — Will You Be Ready?

A series of decisions equate to yield. We talk about it constantly: the weather. We know how impactful it can be when it doesn’t work the way we hope it will. But, in our latest editorial we asked:  If our success hinges so much on weather — do we really know what we’re doing?  A […]

From Agronomics to Economics: 5 Key Differentiators When Navigating Farmland Investment Conversations

In a competitive farming landscape, having a sustainable growth strategy is crucial. However, it can be difficult to navigate tight farming community relationships while seeking that growth. Competing with family and friends is unfortunately a reality of the market. By focusing on factors such as agronomic expertise, precision technology, nutrient management, and effective communication, farmers […]