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Isolating the Mechanism: Top Dieback in Corn

At Advanced Agrilytics, we seek to understand the environment first and isolate the underlying mechanism that influences potential productivity. We’ve spent months walking side-by-side with growers. This time of year, we view yield as an outcome of the time and energy spent in proactively managing the crop during the growing season. At this point in […]

Part Two: Protecting the Crop Factory Through Grain Fill

As we discussed last week, this time of year the growing season can feel similar to reading a book, each chapter building more excitement and anticipation until the final plot line is delivered. We worked hard in the beginning to establish the crop and start what we call the Race to Canopy. The story continued […]

Does Every Acre Require the Same Nitrogen Application?


Traditionally, Nitrogen fertilizer (N) rates have been linked primarily to expected yield goals.  However, with recent high N fertilizer costs, above average commodity prices, and unpredictable rainfall patterns, the focus on improved nitrogen management, reduced environmental risk, and maximizing yield potential has become more important than ever. For corn following soybeans, the traditional guidelines have […]

N, P and K Critical at Planting — but Don’t Forget Sulfur 

Sub-Acre Variables

Starter fertilizer application and critical inputs like nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are always common topics of conversation this time of year. Kent Klingbeil, a lead agronomist with Advanced Agrilytics, would also include another nutrient on that list: sulfur.  

To Fungicide or Not to Fungicide

corn growing

The questions are flowing through your head as you plan your fungicide program for the new crop year. What worked in 2021? Will fungicide fit in the budget against other input costs? Seth Logan, Advanced Agrilytics precision agronomist in southern Illinois, reminds farmers of the importance of fungicide in 2022.

What Makes Us Different?


Who said we couldn’t explain what we do in 30 seconds? We think AJ Woodyard does a pretty nice job.

What’s Coming in 2022?

Ready for 2022

Wet year? Dry year? What’s coming in 2022? We know you can’t control or predict the weather, but we can mitigate its impact.

Customer Buy-In Another Proof Point for Advanced Agrilytics Model

Agronomy Partner

A recent survey of Advanced Agrilytics customers shows that 95% of them plan to continue their relationship next year. For Seth Logan, a precision agronomist in Southern Illinois, he understands where that commitment comes from. “Advanced Agrilytics is just different,” says Logan, who had more than a decade of agronomy experience in the ag industry […]