Advanced Agrilytics



In addition to our direct-to-farm agronomy consulting through our Grower Direct business, we also specialize in spatial ag research through Ag Ingenuity Partners, our research division. AIP insights power Research Realized – a digital solution and software as a service design engine.


As experts in spatial research, Ag Ingenuity Partners (AIP) provides applied research solutions to increase product adoption, confidence and utility for seed, chemical and equipment manufacturers. Its team combines the education and experience needed most to test products, question results and deliver insights.

AIP’s work supplies business clients with an improved understanding of product performance by environment. We combine crop development, soil attributes and agronomic practices to evaluate the impact of the interaction of these factors, along with product performance. We have created exclusive models that allow us to improve our understanding of a product and its response.

AIP founders’ experience in the corporate research world led to their desire to provide an all-encompassing approach to product research, which they saw lacking elsewhere. The company’s extensive expertise dives into the details you didn’t know you were missing as well as the ones you did.


Test in the right environment:

Understanding the sub-field environment lets us create unique proprietary data layers for customers’ needs.

Evaluate the plant response: 

Our deep understanding of the varying environments within a field allows us to predict at-risk areas where plants may encounter challenges during the season, to pinpoint where a product has the highest probability of success.

Results that scale with customers: 

We provide our clients recommendations specific to their customers’ fields that best showcase the performance of their products.


What problem are you trying to solve? Through the use of data, technology and software development, we leverage the insights coming from our Ag Ingenuity Partners research division to design solutions that realize results. We work with industry partners in seed, chemistry, equipment and beyond to understand your current opportunities and challenges. Collaboratively, we then design digital solutions that are straightforward, actionable and scalable – grounded in our foundational methodology.

Our solution designs have the ability to improve the consistency of performance and broaden application in existing products or even set the trajectory of a pre-commercial concept. Agronomically, we focus on understanding the growing environment first, isolating the mechanism that influences performance, and then applying those insights through technology. By making the digital connection, our customers transform their perspectives on product positioning, market strategies and sales approaches, ultimately resulting in more consistent product success and an improved experience for their customers.