New Method to Unlock Soybean Potential: Variety Profile Index


Every new growing season brings great potential, but how do you make it a reality? For a successful soybean crop, it starts by understanding sub-field environments and how they impact yield, to answer the questions of why and how. This is the approach a team of researchers is taking to unlock the yield potential of each individual acre.

Research by Ag Ingenuity Partners (AIP), the research division of Advanced Agrilytics, is bringing this sub-acre focus to the farm field level. Working with growers and partners from the seed, inputs and equipment industries, AIP takes a practical, real-world approach to trial work, giving farmers steps to improve soil and performance, along with a better understanding of their operation’s sub-acre potential.

“We’ve found that the placement of pods on a soybean plant is an informative characteristic that describes how a soybean variety builds yield that we can leverage in making variety-specific placement recommendations that are repeatable,” says Dr. Jon Bokmeyer, Director of AIP.

Learn more in our recent article featured in Successful Farming.


Running To The Recommendation

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