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The Planting Rush Is On – But Don’t Forget About What’s Next

Advanced Agrilytics extracts the important details that often get pushed to the side during busy season

INDIANAPOLIS (April 29, 2021) – With May creeping up on the Corn Belt, the rush is on to get this year’s crop in the ground and off to the races. But, Advanced Agrilytics warns that planning for next year starts while in the cab this year, as well 

“When you think about it, once the seed is going into the ground, farmers are 90 percent of the way there in terms of variables they can control,” says Kent Klingbeil, lead agronomist in Iowa for Advanced Agrilytics. “Sure, you will make management decisions throughout the year to improve results, but you also need to be thinking about next year.” 

Klingbeil notes that the hands-on agronomy services Advanced Agrilytics provides to customers across the Midwest help to bring an extra layer of “backup” on the observations that need to be made during one of the busiest times of year.  

“Planning for 2021 starts at emergence,” adds Klingbeil. “Sure, you can wait until the end of the year and try to put the pieces back together. But, ultimately taking the time to evaluate performance all season long makes a difference in seeing improvements each year and that starts now.”  

The best opportunity to document planter and seedling performance is earlier in the season. Farmers should be keeping a scorecard of all the variables happening on their farm. Klingbeil notes this could include stand counts, planter skips, seedling depth and variable rate prescriptions in both seed and fertilizer.  

Documenting what is happening right after emergence will help you connect the dots when it comes to planting adjustments, nutrient plans and seeding choices for 2022,” notes Klingbeil. “The team at Advanced Agrilytics is out making observations, recording differences in performance and taking pictures to document as the season goes on.”  

Klingbeil adds that this is also true for side-by-side research trials throughout the season. He notes that farmers trying new products should be keeping track of what is happening at various stages, whether it be V2, V6 or later in the season. 

“To understand the true performance of a new product or where something went awry, you’ll want to have documented observations throughout the season, something that Advanced Agrilytics does for its customers as part of the standard service offerings,” said Klingbeil.  

Advanced Agrilytics is a team of precision agronomists throughout the Midwest that look to close the gap between data and on-farm application. The team works with farmers wherever they are in the growing season to make adjustments and plans moving forward. Farmers interested in speaking with Advanced Agrilytics should reach out at 

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Advanced Agrilytics is an agronomic spatial solutions company that provides farmers with actionable, customized strategies to deliver sustainable outcomes based on environments within a field. The team’s hands-on approach combines field specific data with agronomic research to meet farmers at the cross-section of technology and a personal agronomist. 

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