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Part Two: Protecting the Crop Factory Through Grain Fill

As we discussed last week, this time of year the growing season can feel similar to reading a book, each chapter building more excitement and anticipation until the final plot line is delivered. We worked hard in the beginning to establish the crop and start what we call the Race to Canopy. The story continued […]

How to Scout for Common Foliar Diseases


In 2021, Illinois farmers saw an early uptick in tar spot outbreaks in corn across the state, says Erika Parker, precision agronomist at Advanced Agrilytics. In fact, she spotted the disease on July 22 in northern Illinois — one month earlier than typically experienced.

Why? A susceptible host, favorable environment and the pathogen occurred at the same time, and it just so happened to be one month ahead of previous years, which resulted in more people experiencing significant damage. The “disease pyramid” worked against crops and farmers last year.