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Why Are Early Planted Soybeans Popular? Results

Soybeans Harvest

AJ Woodyard, lead agronomist and someone who likes to “geek out on soybeans” has seen the true capabilities of soybeans over the years. Someone who has experience in research testing a variety of management practices, Woodyard has challenged a lot of conventional thinking and is always willing to challenge some more. Why should a farmer […]

Early Planted Soybeans Come with Risks, Rewards

Young soybean plant

Gone are the days of conventional wisdom pointing to always planting corn first. In fact, as the adoption of early planted soybeans becomes more common, conventional wisdom may soon point the opposite way.

Make Room for Growth in Soybean Management


Ever been disappointed by 90-95 bu/acre soybeans? AJ Woodyard has. He wanted 120 in 2016, but late season the sun didn’t shine enough, leaving him shy of his record goal. A self-appointed soybean enthusiast and a lead agronomist for Advanced Agrilytics, Woodyard aims to push soybeans to their maximum potential in any environment. How can […]