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Flip the Script: How Environmental Conditions Change the Conversation in Management

It’s the same old story: farmers making seed and fertilizer decisions in the fall based on what has happened the past growing season. Then, those same farmers making reactive decisions during the next growing season based on the conditions thrown their way. It’s a way of life, right? Maybe, it is. But, it doesn’t have to be that way.

For farmers working with Advanced Agrilytics, the idea that there is more to the decision-making process than just treating the symptoms as they happen is a core narrative. It’s about managing to the underlying conditions, proactively.

“We look at prescriptions from a different angle,” says Seth Logan, a precision agronomist in Southern Illinois. “We aim to understand what is likely to happen in a given environment within the field; and we make decisions proactively to mitigate risk.”

Those decisions come in part to how customers manage dry acres, saturated acres and the ones that are just right. Logan expands that it is more than just soil type or pest and disease pressure, but rather giving the plant the greatest probability of thriving in the environment it grows in.

“The environment impacts all decisions made throughout the growing season, including seed placement, seeding rates, fertilizer and a lot more,” says Logan. “We challenge growers to manage those decisions ahead of time to mitigate risks that are likely to pop up throughout the season.”

The team of agronomy and data experts at Advanced Agrilytics provide an unbiased view of the fields with the sole goal of seeing plants perform consistently across an operation. They currently serve growers in a 7-state region in Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky and Missouri.

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