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Successful Early Plant Soybeans

Brownfield Ag News Series: Unlocking Potential with Advanced Agrilytics Check out the first video of the Brownfield Ag News Series: Unlocking Potential with Advanced Agrilytics. Research Agronomy Lead, AJ Woodyard, shares his insights on how to be successful with early planted soybeans. In this episode, AJ discusses nodes, pods, seed weight impacts, and more. Watch […]

Go Or No Go? 3 Considerations For Planting Decisions And Emergence Watchouts

When variable weather across the corn belt strikes, the pressure to know when planting conditions are right for your operation weighs heavy. Do you go or do you wait? What do you really need to be accounting for as you weigh the factors to make that decision? Precision Agronomist Erika Parker shares three considerations for […]

Advanced Agrilytics Surpasses One Million Acres of Influence

Agronomy Partner

Advanced Agrilytics – an agronomy services company focused on unlocking the potential of every acre – has announced the collective achievement of reaching one million acres of agronomic influence across its eight-state Midwestern footprint. Since its founding in 2015, the company has been driven by its mission to deliver on the promise of precision agriculture. […]

Six Keys to Writing A Winning Corn Recommendation 

A winning football team understands its strengths and weaknesses and also scouts their opponent to understand their tendencies, strengths and weaknesses.  Winning coaches put their players in a position to succeed by building a game plan to take advantage of their talents and address their shortcomings. It’s no different when it comes to achieving high […]

Spatial Critical Fertilizer – A Dynamic Approach to Phosphorus & Potassium

For several decades, Midwest agronomists and farmers alike have used a standard rule for managing nutrient concentration levels in their soils.  This rule of management has primarily been influenced by utilizing various state or university guidelines. These guidelines have been widely adopted across much of the United States to manage soil fertility on a field-by-field […]

For Corn Grain Fill, It’s About Keeping Carbs

By this point in the harvest season, you know how well your corn crop fared in terms of grain, overall yield and quality. While this year’s crop is set, it can still offer you valuable insight for fine tuning your management program for next year. It really comes down to close observation of a mature […]

Isolating the Mechanism: Top Dieback in Corn

At Advanced Agrilytics, we seek to understand the environment first and isolate the underlying mechanism that influences potential productivity. We’ve spent months walking side-by-side with growers. This time of year, we view yield as an outcome of the time and energy spent in proactively managing the crop during the growing season. At this point in […]

Part Two: Protecting the Crop Factory Through Grain Fill

As we discussed last week, this time of year the growing season can feel similar to reading a book, each chapter building more excitement and anticipation until the final plot line is delivered. We worked hard in the beginning to establish the crop and start what we call the Race to Canopy. The story continued […]