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5 Questions to Ask Now for #Plant2022

Caution: that was not a typo. Lead Agronomist, Kent Klingbeil says that as planters roll on #plant21, there are a number of things farmers should be already considering for 2022, or at least documenting along the way.  

  1. What were my stand counts? Taking a minute to document stands early in the season could help provide context later when evaluating whether you want to use a hybrid or variety again. While often used a predictor for results, the stands should also be used as a data point for future management decisions.   
  2. How was planter performance? There is no time like the present to document any issues you may see with the planter. Scouting fields to monitor planter performance now will help you identify maintenance or changes needed with the planter moving forward.  
  3. Is seed depth accurate? Setting the seed depth and having the planter deliver it can be two separate things. Spot checking to make sure your seed depths are where you needed them to be can set you up for success moving into next season.  
  4. Are my seed treatments effective? Scouting for seedling diseases and early pest pressures can give you a good picture of the effectiveness of your seed treatment and early season pest management plans.   
  5. Are there differences in the variable rates? Whether you’re looking at areas of your fields where you used variable rate seeing or variable rate fertilizer applications, you should be noting the differences in how things perform. Documenting the percent stands within different rates can provide yet another proof point for evaluating success.


All this sound like a lot? With Advanced Agrilytics, farmers get both the recommendations and the personalized agronomy support needed to build upon this year’s recommendations for next year’s success.  

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