Advanced Agrilytics

Advanced Agrilytics Partners with Leading Harvest as Program Supporter

Advanced Agrilytics is proud to announce its partnership with Leading Harvest as a Program Supporter, further demonstrating its commitment to the scalable implementation of sustainability practices in the agriculture industry.

Program Supporters help build a community of sustainable agriculture practitioners and support the ecosystem that supports the success of its Program Users – any organization or person that owns or has management authority for farmland and chooses to apply the Leading Harvest Farmland Management Standard to their operations.

“We’re excited to initiate this relationship with Leading Harvest and to be among its Program Supporters,” said Benjamin Crockett, Strategy and Business Development Director at Advanced Agrilytics. “The program’s goals and clear standards align extremely well with our ongoing effort to unlock the potential of every acre through sustainable on-farm practices, optimized utilization of inputs, and innovative solutions.”

Leading Harvest works with farmers, landowners, and investors at all scales to independently certify sustainable farmland management and provide support through education and training opportunities. These objectives complement Advanced Agrilytics’ role as an independent agronomy services provider of comprehensive recommendations with a focus on environmental variability and sustainability. Together, the companies will continue to encourage innovation, efficiency, and the optimization of resources for continuous improvement across the industry.

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