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Understanding Sub-acre Variables Key to Unlocking Maximum Productivity

July 19, 2021 Articles

Having the data on your farm will only get you so far, but understanding the variables within each field can be the key to achieving total performance in your operation. Check out these recommendations to learn more

Five Things to Consider about Nutrient Loss Management In-Season

July 9, 2021 Articles

Have you taken a look at the sulfur situation in your fields? It’s an important nutrient for corn plant development, and you may be missing the signs that it’s time to supplement.

In-season Nitrogen: Are Your Plans Ready?

May 28, 2021 Articles

5 Things You Should Be Considering for Next Year, Now.

5 Questions to Ask Now for #Plant2022

May 21, 2021 Articles

Feeling the planting rush for #Plant21? Don’t forget to stop and evaluate your performance

Why Are Early Planted Soybeans Popular? Results

March 31, 2021 Articles

Planting dates impact number of pods, seeds per pod and weight. In other words: yield. Learn more about early planted soybeans.

Knowing the Difference Between Concentration and Availability in Soil Fertility

March 16, 2021 Articles

Soil fertility can be a tricky subject for non-soil scientists. It’s important for farmers to know what a soil sample is and what it isn’t. Soil samples, in a basic sense, provide farmers with concentration located in a specific area of the field. Agronomists worth their weight will help translate that information into available nutrients and assist farmers in maximizing plant response.

Five Things to Consider When Soil Sampling

March 9, 2021 Articles

Soil sampling provides data that could impact your entire management approach. What else should you know about soil sampling?

Make Room for Growth in Soybean Management

November 19, 2020 Articles

Ever been disappointed by 90-95 bu/acre soybeans? AJ Woodyard has. He wanted 120 in 2016, but late season the sun didn’t shine enough, leaving him shy of his record goal.

Ugly Fields Draw Interest at Huntington Research Facility

October 27, 2020 Articles

Research farms have proven to be an effective way to show farmers first-hand how new products or management looks in-field. Often, farmers are invited to research showcases with fields expertly tended and monitored, with controlled, perfect conditions.

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