Advanced Agrilytics Growing National Headquarters in Central Indiana

December 16, 2020 Press Releases

Advanced Agrilytics Holdings LLC (Advanced Agrilytics), an agronomic tech company that provides farmers with actionable, customized strategies to deliver sustainable outcomes at the sub-acre level, announced plans today to continue expanding its operations in Indiana.

Make Room for Growth in Soybean Management

November 19, 2020 Articles

Ever been disappointed by 90-95 bu/acre soybeans? AJ Woodyard has. He wanted 120 in 2016, but late season the sun didn’t shine enough, leaving him shy of his record goal.

Harvest insights & ROI-impacting moves from the season from Illinois

November 11, 2020 Podcasts

Tune in to hear Ryan Harter from Illinois discuss harvest status, yield takeaways, and how we will advise growers to boost ROI in 2021.

Harvest Recap, Derecho Update, and Lessons Learned in Iowa

November 4, 2020 Podcasts

We head to Iowa with Chance McDonald for an update on harvest progress and lessons learned for 2021.

Ugly Fields Draw Interest at Huntington Research Facility

October 27, 2020 Articles

Research farms have proven to be an effective way to show farmers first-hand how new products or management looks in-field. Often, farmers are invited to research showcases with fields expertly tended and monitored, with controlled, perfect conditions.

Advanced Agrilytics announces M.T. Ray as VP of HR

October 7, 2020 Press Releases

A tech industry HR veteran, Ray will drive the overall HR strategy and execution including all recruiting, HR operations and employee development.

Advanced Agrilytics announces Josh Meyer as CFO

October 2, 2020 Press Releases

Meyer joins the agronomic tech services company bringing more than twenty years of experience as a finance and operations executive with a successful track record in the financial services, transportation, SaaS, real estate development and construction industries.

Late-season scouting focus on weed control, stalk issues, and ear mold with Ben Marks

September 23, 2020 Podcasts

Ben speaks to late-season scouting success, collecting what worked vs. didn't work in 2020, and recognizing yield doesn't define every acre's potential.

Stalk quality and testing harvest-readiness in Iowa with Kalli Welte

September 16, 2020 Podcasts

Coming from Northwest Iowa, Kalli shares how she is evaluating stalks to determine field priority when it comes to harvest.

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