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Precision Agronomist Matt Stump

Advanced Agrilytics Has Eye on Drought

Matt Stump, a precision agronomist in Missouri, explains how Advanced Agrilytics kept an eye on drought and how it could impact farmers during the growing season.

Hands touching soybeans

Give Early Beans a Chance

DTN looks at steps to early soybean planting success with insight from AJ Woodyard, lead agronomist with Advanced Agrilytics.

Young soybean plant
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Early Planted Soybeans Come with Risks, Rewards

Gone are the days of conventional wisdom pointing to always planting corn first. In fact, as the adoption of early planted soybeans becomes more common, conventional wisdom may soon point the opposite way.

Soil sampling
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Challenging Conventional Thinking in Soil Fertility

Soil may not be the most exciting topic in production agriculture, but it is often the most critical. Knowing the environments within fields and managing to those environments can make or break a farm’s productivity.


Future of Agriculture

Lead Agronomist Aaron Gault shares with the Future of Agriculture podcast what makes the Advanced Agrilytics approach different and how precision agriculture has evolved.

Logo of Advanced Agrilytics
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Advanced Agrilytics Growing National Headquarters in Central Indiana

Advanced Agrilytics Holdings LLC (Advanced Agrilytics), an agronomic tech company that provides farmers with actionable, customized strategies to deliver sustainable outcomes at the sub-acre level, announced plans today to continue expanding its operations in Indiana.

Ready for 2022

What’s Coming in 2022?

Wet year? Dry year? What’s coming in 2022? We know you can’t control or predict the weather, but we can mitigate its impact.

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