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The Importance of In-Depth Research

Jon Bokmeyer, team lead for Advanced Agrilytics’ research arm, Ag Ingenuity Partners, discusses the value of in-depth research and how it can help farmers make the right choices for their fields.

Sean Arians

A More Personalized Agronomic Plan

In this Managing for Profit, Sean Arians with Advanced Agrilytics looks at the importance of using farm data to solve underlying problems and not just treat the symptoms.

Agronomy partner

Combining Clear Data and Muddy Boots

Learn how the Advanced Agrilytics approach combines in-depth data with agronomist boots in the field to help farmers improve productivity and maximize ROI during this edition of Brownfield’s Managing for Profit.


The Skinny on 20-Inch Rows

Aaron Gault, Advanced Agrilytics lead agronomist, discusses with DTN how plant-to-plant spacing in 20-inch rows makes a difference.

Aaron Gault

From Data to Results

Brownfield News interviews lead agronomist Aaron Gault to discuss how Advanced Agrilytics takes a prescriptive approach to improve grower overall ROI.


5 Questions to Ask Now for #Plant2022

Caution: that was not a typo. Lead Agronomist, Kent Klingbeil says that as planters roll on #plant21, there are a number of things farmers should

corn growing

To Fungicide or Not to Fungicide

The questions are flowing through your head as you plan your fungicide program for the new crop year. What worked in 2021? Will fungicide fit in the budget against other input costs? Seth Logan, Advanced Agrilytics precision agronomist in southern Illinois, reminds farmers of the importance of fungicide in 2022.

Ready for 2022

What’s Coming in 2022?

Wet year? Dry year? What’s coming in 2022? We know you can’t control or predict the weather, but we can mitigate its impact.

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