Technical Project Manager

Advanced Agrilytics

Position type: full-time

About Us

Advanced Agrilytics is an agronomic services company enabled by best in class digital capabilities providing growers independent, sophisticated and robust input prescriptions and operational advice. The company has focused on the major inputs and in-crop decisions as determined by value and return on investment within the overall system. Advanced Agrilytics is well differentiated from the crowded SaaS providers in the digital agriculture space given its impressive multi-season results and independent, high-touch business model.

Advanced Agrilytics (AA) seeks a Technical Project Manager to manage and integrate the activities of multiple, major project operations associated with AA’s robust Research and Development Pipeline. She/he will participate in and oversee the development, implementation, and maintenance of individual project objectives and short- and long-range plans; develops tracking and evaluation programs to assist in the accomplishment of established project goals and objectives for the Data, Analytics and Engineering (DAE) team. 

The ideal candidate will take upon herself/himself to provide coaching, guidance, direction, and leadership to the project team in relation to various issues, risks, activities, general management, and project approach. 


  • Communicates proactively with all involved personnel to provide encouragement, identify problems, create solutions, and implement efficiency improvements 
  • Monitor project progress continuously and make detailed scheduled reports on measurable items, such as milestones and deliverables 
  • Work with both internal and external resources to manage external company projects 
  • Expertly implement the project management processes of initiating, planning, executing, controlling and closing 
  • Coordinate day-to-day communication and activities between stakeholders 
  • Develops a timeline for the completion of certain milestones for a given project 
  • Creates a budget for the completion of a particular job, and monitors the amount of money spent in order to ensure the project does not exceed this amount 
  • Develops an alternate course of action for completing a job should the initial plan fail 
  • Foster a sense of team spirit within different departments/functions 


Skills and Competencies

  • 5-7 years of project management experience 
  • Bachelor’s degree in engineering, computer science or related field, or equivalent work experience 
  • Extensive leadership experience and strong teaming abilities 
  • Excellent problem-solving skills 


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