We believe the best outcomes are the result of end-to-end solutions. As we emerge into the future of farming we are embracing what is effective, rather than what is conventional.

the science vs. the hunch

In this business going with your gut isn't necessarily the best practice. Nor is running treatments based upon simple speculation or conventional practices. In order to navigate through the complexity of variable data, we’ve created a very simple approach: evaluate, explore and experiment. We insist upon getting our hands dirty in the solving of problems. As scientists we’re determined to, not only find an answer, but to discover the right answer. And, we take great joy in teaching growers how to better leverage their data.

By reading what is actually happening beneath the surface we are given cues to act upon in order to produce desirable results above the surface.


We have discovered that broad-stroked analysis of a field only provides one version of the story. By dividing the field into smaller segments, we are able to capture variant data that shows a much more dynamic and nuanced story. What may be true in one zone may differ from what is happening in another zone only 15 yards away.

This insight allows us to create algorithms and prescriptions that respond to what is actually happening in the field. This tactic dispenses with the illusion of precision and exactness by integrating layers of data that grant growers the kind of control and influence they seek.


We believe in continuous and uninterrupted solutions. Our process follows a strategic roadmap that builds upon itself, seamlessly moving from one step to the other.

Holistic precision farming isn’t a piecemeal effort. Many growers will try to implement strategies like variable rate seeding to account for variances in their soil composition—but without also treating the soil to improve its composition as needed, and understanding other environmental conditions, these tactics won’t yield the best results. The goal of our strategy is to provide each farmer the optimal yield possible on each one of their acres.

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